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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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think it will be most of the day. they aren't telling us much because they say they don't want to compromise their investigation. walnut creek police hurried to this complex 3:15 this morning when they heard a woman screaming in the background of a 911 call. >> they confronted one armed subject in an apartment at the complex at 1450 creek side drive. unfortunately, they were forced to shoot that individual. and that individual was pronounced deceased at 9 scene. >> reporter: police won't say what the -- the man was armed with. what he did to cause the officers to shoot or what the 911 call was about they only had this to say when asked why? >> i think it is fair to say they were concerned for their well-being. >> reporter: most people didn't hear it. one man did but said it didn't sound like gunfire.
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>> i was sleep i was just woken up by the sound of what sounded like banging. >> reporter: everyone else we spoke with as they headed off to work said they didn't hear a thing. >> what? it is so quiet, oh my gosh, scary. >> my wife commented earlier that she doesn't feel safe here. >> reporter: police say people shouldn't be afraid. >> this is an isolated incident to that apartment. residents in the complex or anywhere he will in the area have no reason to feel unsafe. >> reporter: they wouldn't call it a domestic dispute. they wouldn't tell us what the relationship was between the man and woman. they say she is okay and no officers were hurt. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we have breaking news in the east bay. you can see this is a big bad accident. this is on i-880 northbound at
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northwest on tennison road there is a tow truck on the center divide involved with four vehicles, this just happened because you can see the emergency vehicles are just now responding. an ambulance is on the scene tow truck and three other vehicles southbound at tennison road i-880 in the east bay. we don't know about injuries. you can see the back-up is immense. we just learned that one ambulance has left the scene there is one injury. we'll stay on top of this and have more details on looks like one, maybe two lane are getting through which is causing that huge back-up. we will stay on top of this and let you know. in brentwood, pg&e crews stopped a natural gas leak that forced symptom to evacuate overnight now the focus is on repairing the ruptured pipe.
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pg&e says the leak never posed danger to nearby homes. neighbors call the utility after smelling is overpowering odor of gas. mail carrier was in court standard for a status hearing after he was accused of stealing mail on the peninsula. daly city police arrested romeo natan after investigators say he tried to use stolen credit cards at tear get store he obtained those cards after filling out applications to customers along his route. the d.a.'s office suspects he snatched up to 3,000 pieces of mail. >> you and i as victims may not know there was a credit card envelope taken out of my mail and somebody fill it out and got a credit card. >> thing to happen during the see sown of giving -- terrible thing to happen during the season of giving. >> three of his friends face charges police say they bought items with those stolen
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credit cards. air travel to and from the east coast is a nightmare because of a severe winter storm causing power outages, accidents and rising death toll. katie marzullo is here with more. >> reporter: the number of people killed has tripled since yesterday morning. the storm that is dumping snow is blamed for 15 deaths. there's anywhere from a few inches to two feet of snow in dining room locations in the northeast. it is creating -- creating chaos on the roads and airports. >> just a little bumpy. >> reporter: kyle was onboard a southwest jet when it skidded and got stuck in the mud in new york. he wasn't so much scared as he was frustrated. >> you get the run around when is the next plane going to come. i thought i was going to be in florida. >> reporter: yesterday an american airlines plane go stuck in the snow in pittsburgh, no one was hurt on either flight, plenty of
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travelers are in pain, more than 350 flights cancelled. more than 2500 flights cancelled over the past 48 hours. >> you can't change it, you take it for what it is and make the best of a bad situation. >> best thing is to think about the purpose of the trip so you are not so upset. >> reporter: people who stayed home are also suffering either digging out of snow or dealing with power outages. more than 150,000 homes in the dark from texas to vermont. 100,000 in arkansas. for most, snow is public enemy number one, 61% of the country is dealing with some form of it. >> love it. part of living in new england. >> standard new england weather here, nothing to be too scared of. >> reporter: here's what you can be scared of, 34 tornadoes reported on christmas day.
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this is new video taken at a walgreens in mobile, alabama where one hit, inside you see the man run, the national weather service says the tornado was an ef-2 winds up to 135 miles an hour, six miles long ang 200 yards wide. >> -- and 200 yards wide. flight delays are expected to get worse throughout the day. a check of our airports shows no delays at sfo, oakland or san jose, departures and arrivals on time that they can -- that can change at any moment check flight tracker on california highway patrol releasing new holiday enforcement figures, unfortunately, fatal collisions more than doubled in the bay area from a year ago 23 deadly crashes recorded in chp patrolled roads in 2011. 10 died.
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chp says fewer people were arrested for driving under the influence over this holiday weekend, 165 this year, compared to 188 a year ago. >> we have some great news during this holiday week some good samaritans are restoring a park in antioch damaged by arsonists a few months ago this is a wonderful effort by so many different groups to help i am >> reporter: it is. a big shocker out here, i think christmas arrived again today here in antioch this was supposed to be a ceremony where pg&e presented a big check to a group call take back antioch to help rebuild this park. the next thing, pg&e puts in more money and an assemblyman is putting in more, as of right now they've got all they need to rebuild this park this is the low point here at city park in antioch. this is what the to the lot looked like after it burned in
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september, it was an arson fire some people are in custody. this park was built in 2006 by pg&e volunteers the damage estimate $250,000 the city had insurance a group called tack take antioch set out to rise the 10% deductible or $25,000. >> to the lot replaced. i would like to see the city step up a little, put in a motion activated camera with upgraded lighting see if they can help improve the park. >> originally, when the park was constructed it was pg&e volunteers that helped build the park with community members. when we received information about what happened here, we wanted to be able to come back and help restore it. >> reporter: they raised $8500, pg&e got here and said we'll give you 2,000 more.
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-- then the assemblyman, next thing voila! that park has all the money it needs to come all the way back. fantastic christmas story mean if it is two days late. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. still ahead, president obama arrives back in washington after cutting short his vacation the chilly political climate he's returning to. shocking scare caught on camera what led hundreds of shoppers to stampede o
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president obama is back in washington where the weather is just as frigid as the political climate inside. fiscal cliff talks appear to be going nowhere. the president is trying to hammer out a deal before major tax hikes and spending cuts kick in january 1st. this morning harry reid launched a scathing attack on house republicans for not returning to washington. >> i can't imagine their con chens they are out wherever -- consciences they are out wherever they are and we are trying get something done. >> newly appointed senator
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flew back with the president today, left governor currently will replace the late senator daniel inouye. that looming fiscal cliff is having a huge effect on the stock market today. you can see the dow is down 135 points over 1%, consumer confidence very low because of concerns that fiscal cliff will cause taxes to rise for everyone if congress tpaeults to work to the. former president george higgs boson bush remains in intensive care he is -- george h.w. bush remains in intensive. doctors suspected he would be home in time for christmas but his condition worsened, he is alert and talking to hospital staff. there is a bright spot for the economy, new homes selling
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at fastest past in more than 2 1/2 years. strongest showing since april 2010. when home buyer tax credit boosted sales but still below the 700,000 level that economists consider healthy. experts say it is proof the housing market is recovering. real estate website zillow expects 2013 to be a seller's market special the bay area, las vegas and phoenix best places to buy, cleveland, chicago and philadelphia. mike is ahead with our forecast. tricky forecast coming up. system coming didn't at us is going to develop near us rainfall amounts are going to vary greatly. latest details on how long that will last. i found more than one day of dry weather. update to a recall effort
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we brought from you 7 on your search the stores that are agreeing to pull -- frightening scene in china a shark tank bursts sending water and the sharks rushing into a mall.
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sacramento police say fourc] teenagerséaé7]m
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fairfield, san rafael, antioch livermore the rest of us in the low 50s monterey bay and inland upper 40s to low 50s, definitely brighter today, a lot of sun and dry weather, light rain moves in tomorrow and it turns over to showers saturday when we could have heavier rain friday night into saturday with showers dry pattern sunday, monday and tuesday, three days. here's what is going on, high pressure coming in drying up the system and the flow that's why we are going to have a dry day today. no rain today.
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just mostly sunny. let me show you what we are forecasting for what is going to happen 7:00 tomorrow morning you can see we have cloud cover. about noon you see light sprinkles ahead, steady rain moving into the north bay, over taking all of our neighborhoods by the evening as we go into the evening and overnight, slow starting to develop, darker greens show up, more moderate rain over the bay, also snow level down to 3800 feet, overnight through saturday morning the rain could be the heaviest, snow starts developing on mount hamilton as it heads south by noon saturday the system almost gone down away from us wait until you see the rainfall amounts and how great they vary from one area to another, near the coast into san francisco, possibly a half to 3/4 of an inch. as you get into the bay quarter to half inch, the farther you are away interest
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that low inland only a 10th to quarter of an inch there's going to be a wide range of rain from one side to the other of this system. temperatures tomorrow with the increasing clouds in the low to mid 50s like today. saturday coolest day most of us struggling to reach 50. with the sunshine back out sunday, mid 50s to upper 50s for new year's eve, new year's day starts dry then another chance of showers wednesday. we have breaking news. these are live pictures from sky 7 hd over castro and market, reports of a person barricaded inside this chevron station. the police tape blocking it off as well as police cars. what we are hearing from witnesses a woman may be locked inside a bathroom in the building. she may have a knife that is why police at this point are
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taking their time and waiting there. you see firefighters on the ground as well presumably for if anyone is injured once again we believe there's a barricaded woman inside this building inside the chevron station in the bathroom possibly with a knife and police are trying to involve this. we'll bring you information as it becomes available. meantime, we move on to this insreb scene, 16 were hurt when a shark filled aquarium burst at a shopping center in china, a man was taking pictures of the tank when it broke he was swept away by water, glass and fish went flying into the crowd, state tv there reporting the 33 ton aquarium was home to dozens of sharks, turtles and fish before it shattered at that shopping center in shanghai. officials say cold temperatures and shoddy materials made the acrylic glass brittle. doctors solve a medical
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doctors solve a medical mystery involving a sick and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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>> a 12-year-old panda is feeling better after vets solved a medical mystery. >> panda was taken to the hospital after he was found vomiting. >> the panda had corn bread lodged in its he to have . -- in esophagus. >> there's a lesson there. >> thanks for join us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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[cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ >> hey, guys. back in the saddle. [cheers and applause] hello, everybodyome to millionaire. all this week we have been playing to raise money for the alzheimer's association with some wonderful celebrities. joining me again, cheech marin. nice to see you, cheech. >> nice to see you. [cheers and applause] this man, for those of you who don't know it, he came here to win the million dollars. he's very, very smart. all that pot, i guess, had no impact. >> no. it helped me, actually. >> apparently. >> aha. >> it was something, because i know you've played jeopardy! before and done extremely well. you're doing a great job here.


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